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LifeConnect’s technology-based intervention supersedes geographic and economic boundaries.  This allows for 24/7, on-demand access, to continue support outside a formal care setting. Our software solution is for the patient and the treatment provider to assist their clients for a greater successful recovery. addiction mobile app development



Chronic Illness is draining our resources and with the shortage of healthcare professionals to treat all those in need.  We need to be able to extend the reach of the doctors beyond the current  geographic and economic boundaries.  

We need new solutions, that's where MedConnect can be effective. 



Veterans are valuable members of society who are struggling to get the quality of care and resources they have earned.  For many, who are struggling with physical, mental, and emotional trauma they don't know where to turn.  We can put new technology in the palm of their hand, to create a virtual tether to the resources they so desperately need. mobile app development addiction